Web Community Guidelines

  1. Please respect law and adhere to the information laws in the respective countries when sending information to the website.
  2. Please do not post irrelevant content that is not verifiable and inaccurate.
  3. If the content is not verifiable, please mention the source of information and the person initiated the content.
  4. If information is gathered from third parties, please mention the source of information.
  5. None of the content should degrade any individual, community, religion, language or any ethnic group.
  6. Publicly exposed person's personal information may be declared in the website as per the Indian Law.
  7. Never post any content that degrades the kasangadu.com website or any of the authors.
  8. Adult content is not allowed.
  9. Please take all precautions so that the information goes in gentle and in soft manner.
  10. Never use any hard/foul language or commanding languages in the website.
  11. Express the contents mostly in Tamil except unavoidable circumstances.
  12. Duplication of content is not entertained.
  13. Tamper/damage of existing content is not entertained.
  14. Content should not be in support of groups engaged in antisocial activities / terrorism.
  15. Whoever supplying the content will be responsible for the content.
  16. If a whistle blower is supplying information and if court seeks identity we may need to supply your identity to the court.
  17. If information is received by Phone, CallerID will be used for reference.
  18. Please respect individual privacy before sending any personal information.
  19. Any code of conduct not mentioned here if mentioned as per the law in Indian Jurisdiction, it is assumed that we abide by the law
  20. When sending email or replying email to the group please use the right subject, that will help the receiver whether to read the email or to ignore it.
  21. If the content which you sent across is of new subject, please create with new subject and send across to the group. Please don't reply to the existing messages.
  22. Please add signature to your emails if you wish to expose your personal information in the list. Musugundan Group does not hold any responsibility in misuse of your personal information.
  23. Please don't send others personal information to the list even if it is requested in list, other than what is publically available.
  24. If someone sends your personal information and wish to remove it from the group messages, please address the group moderator to remove such messages.
  25. Please don't send any information biasing any politicians or for any political advertisements as we don't support any political parties.
  26. You can obtain information from election commission regarding the nominees of the election and expose the personal information (such as assets, court proceedings) related to them under the RTI act & Politically Exposed Persons Act.
  27. You can release information about the nominees with the list of TODO's for the village.
  28. When the people representative (MLA or MP or President or any Nominee) period ends you can send the list of activities done and what are the promised stuff were not done.
  29. Neutrality in information should be maintained, if anything is breached, please discuss with the group for the removal.
  30. When taking photos, please respect individual privacy. If that is a domestic violence or disturbing nature to the society then you can publish it without their concern. If you are taking in function or in other place then please inform them before you submit to the website.
  31. Never publish any information that degrades any nation, state or any geographical area. If something is not good, you can blame the respective authorities with evidence.
  32. Kasangadu Website Management reserves the right to modify the content on any of the root domain or subdomains or kasangadu.com with or without notice.
  33. We may maintain of the copy of the email which are rejected to the groups at the discretion of the group moderators.
  34. Using promotional names including the name of the political party & leader associated with the schemes for Indian Citizens from the public fund is prohibited. If a political party does a scheme with their money from their Party's fund and not from public fund we can display the name as such.
  35. Creating own definitions for a term other than International or National Standard is prohibited and such discussions on the same is not entertained. It safeguards the visitors/subscribers to avoid any confusion against on such terms used in communication.
  36. When you blame certain authorities or departments or persons please be sure to have enough evidence to discuss on it. Failing you may be subject to charged for defaming such authorities and may be penalized by such authorities or persons. We will not be responsible for such problems incurred by you.
  37. While national interest being important and variety of website discusses those issues, please focus on solving problem pertaining to Kasangadu Citizens and Village Related Problem alone in the group. Being out of focus will make us one of the million websites and not providing any unique information about Kasangadu.
  38. If any citizen from Kasangadu disturbs others life in the world, anyone from world disturbs Kasangadu Citizens life, be it a problem within the village that disturbs Citizens peace in Village such details if available public it will be shared here as well.
  39. Commenting or providing links from external websites are allowed as long as it create awareness / information to Kasangadu Citizens. Such clarification on the information provided by external websites should be clarified at the source, not in the group for referring such links. This may even include any information about Kasangadu Citizens as well. Neither the author of the email nor the website owners holds responsibility on such external contents.