People Representatives

Kasangadu people will elect the following representatives to represent in the respective bodies of Government. If you want to talk to kasangadu people you can speak to the people representatives too, Since we responsibly voted them to take the respective positions.

Election Constituency:

Parliament: Thanjavur

Legislative Assembly (State): Pattukkottai

Before 2007 we had Pudukkottai as our Parliament Constituency.

State Constituencies:

Village President: Kasangadu
Village Panchayat Member: Kasangadu
Union Member: Madukkur

Currently elected representatives

Member of Parliment:

Mr. Pazhanimanickkam [Current]

Member of Legislative Assembly:

Mr. Rengarajan [Current]

Village Presidents:
  1. Mr. Chidambaram [Current]
  2. Mrs. Rajeswari
  3. Mrs. Thailammai Aachi
  4. Mr. R.Viswanathan
  5. Mr. Chinnathambi
  6. Mr. Appasamy [1 year]
  7. Mr. Chidambaram [6  years]
  8. Mr. Meikkappan [2 years]