Further Development

Your help is atmost essential for development of our village and our website.

The first help is to let others know about the village information and the way we have presented the information to the public. We also request every Village India to present information to public in a similar or better way.

  1. If you are from Kasangadu or if you intend to develop the life style of Kasangadu people please share your thoughts. If you get a chance to visit our village please share your experiences, express your thoughts in developing the infrastructure & better living.
  2. Our village has a good potential to start business in all fields you can dream of. It is a better chance for your to explore the capabilities of our village people with your innovative business ideas.
  3. We do agriculture in a innovative and modern way. We produce agri products and you can procure the items from us directly.
  4. We don't need funds to develop our village. If there is a needs we will publish the needs with their respective accounts in the following weblink.